Yesterday I tripped on an electrical cord. I’m clumsy. Today I put the cereal in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard. I’m spacey. A week ago I couldn’t find what I needed at Target. There were too many shinny objects to look at. I have one cat and one child. One is missing an eye. Not going to tell you which one but I will say I didn’t do it. I love to cook but I rarely make time for it. If my car gets a scratch I feel like my life is messy. I have more speeding tickets than one should admit to and I never break the law. The bathroom has to have a bathtub in it or I curl into fetal position and cry. Then I move out. I hate wearing socks for fear of suffocating and the cookie monster and I are very good friends. I made a note last year to be consistent. I am consistently inconsistent but I like dependability. Trust is an issue for me because I only trust myself to bathe everyday. I like attractive people. It seems to be a problem for me. Most of the men I know don’t like competition then again neither do I. Secretly I sing old musicals like Hello Dolly. I must have been a gay man in a past life. My grandmother and mother were huge fans too. It’s too bad they didn’t like each other. But I buy practical shoes. The last pair practically put me out of house and home but I can wear them for the next ten years. My shrink wouldn’t agree. I believe in cause and effect. I drink coffee before going to bed. I don’t sleep… wait I never drink coffee. I lied; I do. Once every two months. Get a lot of work done. One of the shiny objects I saw at Target I bought online last night. It was 2am. I didn’t need it. I really want to get up at six in the morning tomorrow. I say that every night though. It happens. Usually only when money’s involved. The smell of the ocean is my piece of mind until I have to gargle with salt. And tonight I’ll dream… of what I can’t remember. (My son will wake me up every time a dinosaur tries to eat him in his dreams so I forget.)  But it’ll be whatever dreams chocolate makes you dream of. I’ll look forward to the lens I’ll play with tomorrow. It’s one of my few friends whom hardly talks back. But who needs that. I need growth. So I challenge the lens until it yells at me.
   And for those of you interested in commercial work or event photography send me an email. I will send you samples of appropriate work.
   In the past, I have worked with client  such as: Sugar Pine Ranch, Flirt.com, Baby Tattoo Books, XyloBands, Panda Express, Feel the Piece, Pop Culture Taxi, and with other photographers: Joel Satore (National Geographic), Joe Buissink (well renowned wedding photographer), Kevin Scanlon (LA Weekly), and photojournalist David Honl and Julia Dean.